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Caught at Karaoke

As a child, I didn't master the art of playing unlike my sister who seemed to have played so much that I took it that she was playing for me too.

However, as a blooming adult, I believe that I abundantly compensate for my lack of play in the past. Usually karaoke in Kingston, Jamaica, begin as early as 7:30 or as late as 8:30 pm, according to the flow of persons, but since COVID, karaoke was starting before sunset. Before covid, this would seem nonsensical, but given that Jamaica's "covid- inspired" curfew was starting at 10 pm, then 11 pm, it had been worthwhile to come out to karaoke earlier. A little karaoke is better than no karaoke, or worst, being stuck in the house and feeling drained from a zoom meeting while  trying to incorporate some digital detox time. Well, I was certainly detoxing as I sang one of my favourite karaoke songs, "La Bamba"- one of my warm ups.

Even when the track stopped, I was still singing , not realizing that two police had pulled up in the lounge and was walking straight towards me.

Why me?

Did someone from an apartment nearby called the police? I don't believe the curfew time had passed and I myself don't like noise, but I had the microphone in my hand, I was not in charge and I was not being paid to entertain either. Did I lie when I told the police that I am not a professional singer? And I certainly could not present the name of a manager at the police's request.

As the police decently lamented that the laws of the land were still working on prohibiting such a gathering in light of COVID19, I felt grateful that I was not harassed or witnessed any such behaviour unlike other black persons in other parts of the world.

Moreover, I must admit that prior to covid, I didn't mind being among the few early birds at karaoke. I promote having enough fun while still keeping up with a sleep routine and feeling restful.

These days, I don't get too carried away and not realize that my designated cut off time has passed.

Thanks to covid, most of the evening activities outside of my house don't last for too long so that my energy, focus and play may last longer the next day.

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