A Glimpse of the Multipotentialite Journey

Davia Diversia Ellis is a wellness educator and multipassionate creative who creates destressing experiences and materials to guide persons who are coping with the responsibilities that comes with being a multipotentialite for over ten years. She's travelled to educate clients in the United States of America, Canada, and Colombia.

A psychology graduate (2015) whom some of her peers thought was a teacher education or mass communication major, she combines her interests in education, communication and psychology to encourage multipotentialites. 

After leaving Jamaica to teach English in Colombia in 2017, she needed a booster, a reminder to walk in her purpose.

In 2017, all she could see was a bright eyed and smiley past  valedictorian, scholarship recipient, and a gifted student and learner who felt stuck.

Feeling unsure about many things, she was sure that she was bold, adventurous and flexible to adapt to  a new culture, even a Spanish one. After al, she aced Spanish in high school even when she didn't complete the assessments.

Within a month of living in Colombia, she was reassured about connecting her passions in interdisciplinary fields and is excited to help guide and connect multipotentialites and polymaths.

Her diverse experiences and volunteer experiences has allowed her to serve as Ms Jamaica United Nations 2023, just one other experience which allows her to bask in combinatory living.

In the case of an emergency effort, it's possible for her to show up as a one-stop wellness event coordinator, from elaborating on millions of ideas, creating a poster to representing and executing the concept and presenting or executing the idea as an animated presenter.