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Davia "Diversia" Ellis

A multi-passionate queen, Davia "Diversia" Ellis serves as Ms Jamaica United Nations 2023 and is a creative health and family life educator, writer, and singer.  

Since 2008, she enjoyed being a psychology practitioner, but all Davia could see was a little girl who grew to feel stuck and paralyzed by her potential, and almost equally weighing interests.

She noticed how this little girl, a valedictorian, scholarship recipient, and public speaker served her community assiduously. She was very comfortable addressing the largest physical audiences available, as well as reading or singing. However, she struggled with smaller things like receiving a compliment about her skills.

After all, they felt like hobbies, and they were always a reminder that she was stuck and wasting her life.

In 2017, feeling unsure about herself and differing interests or career path, she was sure about diving into the unknown by moving to Colombia, fulfilling one of her high school dream.

Her teaching experience in Colombia was a perfect fit, reminding her that she already knew her calling or callings. She accepted that one can take a multidirectional career path as opposed to a one-directional path. 

Having explored her interests as a generalist and specialist, in the education, communication, and wellness industry, this psychology graduate spends her days advocating for “The Multipotentialite You”.

In the words of her song, she implores multifaceted people to:

“Step up! Check up!

Step out. You’ll work it out.

Fill up your cup. No doubt, you’ll work it out.

"Yeah you want success

Trust the process

Have a backup plan

Cope with stress

You may fail the test prepare to make a mess

Step by step, you’ll work it out

You will progress."

It’s fulfilling for Davia “Diversia” Ellis to plan, design, execute and evaluate health and wellness activities and experiences. 

These include:

  1. Reviewing HFLE lesson plans for the university and education regulation body

  2. Hosting a live radio broadcast for  career fairs

  3. Publishing and recording audio materials for sensitive reproductive health issues

  4. Guest presenting on suicide prevention and mental health empowerment  tips on radio

  5. Singing and sharing original "peace day" items for national events

  6. Organizing professional development and edutaining sessions for educator

  7. Coplanning and moderating parent appreciation workshops for different schools

  8. Moderating and facilitating health discussions at health camps or fairs

As a multipotentialite, she strives to connect strategies in the education, wellness, and communications industry and empowers others to live a self-fulfilling life.

Being capable of executing roles fitting for a team of persons, be it writing, designing, speaking, or singing, she finds meaning in her interests and spends time to remind or guide others to engage in meaningful work. 


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