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Davia "Diversia" Ellis

Davia Diversia Ellis, a multi-talented queen,

Creative facilitator and trainer at the scene.

At 5’6, she stands tall and proud, Connecting with diverse audiences, she's never too loud.

Code-switching is a skill she's acquired,

Designing and coaching, her passion is fired.

Singing and generating ideas is her forte,

An avid learner, she strives to learn every day.

A valedictorian, scholarship recipient, and public speaker,

She's always served her community, an over-achiever.

But the little girl inside felt stuck and paralyzed,

Struggling with smaller things like receiving compliments, highly prized.

In 2017, she moved to Colombia to accept,

A multidirectional career path, her fears to reject.

Her life ambition is to economize mental health discussions,

Through art forms in diverse groups, she tackles taboos without repercussions.

Volunteering at Terapia Circle, she educates on creative health,

Singing and hosting therapeutic karaoke sessions, promoting self-wealth.

She designs psychoeducational materials and retreat plans,

Training parents, teachers, and students, her message spans.

Diversia entered the pageant to tackle myths,

Around multipotentialites and their career paths, it uplifts.

Nelson Mandela inspires her, his worldview of "ubuntu" prevails, I am because we are, a belief that never fails.

She loves the ancient Indian medical system of ayurveda,

Using massage, yoga, and herbal medicine, it's like a mantra.

Jamaican dishes are her favourite, ackee and saltfish, and jerked chicken, But balancing health and well-being is her ultimate mission.

Diversia Ellis, a multi-passionate queen, A force to be reckoned with, a true gem seen.

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