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Six Signs that You are Ignoring Your Calling

Updated: Jan 2, 2023

Timmy lost his job as a psychic but didn't see it coming.

Peter is a maze designer who gets completely lost in his work.

Michael wanted to be a musician but found that he wasn't noteworthy.

We could go on and on and joke about different vocations, but you need not joke around your callings, especially if you appreciate days of self-actualization.

Some people may rely solely on signals from a Supreme being or the universe to determine their calling, but everyone can make directed efforts to reflect on the callings, interests, or skills to which they are drawn to. A calling or even passion can be experienced as having a strong urge towards a particular vocation or trade.

Let's focus on six signs that you are ignoring your calling or callings:

1. One-off coping mechanisms are taking a lifestyle of their own

Can you still count the number of times you need a drink after work or just get intimate with a plate or bag of snacks that some refer to as comfort food?

It’s not a moment to beat up on yourself, but to accept that you’ve adjusted to some available coping mechanisms, and you might need to plan for some more wholesome ways to get by.

Quick fixes or things that fill our appetites right here and now tend to have some long-term effects that we would rather live without.

1. People keep mentioning it

Do people keep on asking you or giving you suggestions about “coming out”? You shared a project with a small audience who benefited from your efforts. They want to hear more. They believe in your talent, and what you have to offer.

They may even recommend you show up in a space that fits the very niche you are trying to get into or connect with people who can better appreciate the ideas you want to blossom.

You start to realize that your ability is bigger than you and your fears.

2. You’ve left a paper trail.

When you peruse journals and to-do lists, one common theme keeps popping up. In fact, algorithms keep sending you content about the very thing that you are capable of investing in, but you would rather pretend as if it doesn’t mean anything to you.

Your resume can sometimes emphasize careers, fields, or hobbies that you have tried, but didn’t quite get the chance to materialize yet.

3. It’s difficult to relax at the end of the day

You’ve invested so much time doing the wrong work throughout the day. Oh yes, you have created legitimate professional or even domestic work excuses for not developing your superpowers.

To the world, your accolades, titles, or even money may seem quite impressive, but you can not fool yourself for very long.

4. You are jealous of people whose life seems to be aligned with their interests.

Have you ever had a friend who directly told you that your progress is affecting them, to the point where they try to avoid you? (By the way, this is a very honest friend because some people would prefer to make attempts to disempower you or discourage you or launch a war at you because they feel uncomfortable within).

It can feel uncomfortable to be reminded that people are walking purposefully in their path when you are living inauthentically. It’s helpful to observe and listen to what your jealousies are saying to you.

5. Filling your calendar with “people-pleasing” activities:

If one calendars everybody else’s meetings, conferences, social events, and everything to help keep one stay in the know, people-pleasing might have become a way of life. Where did you learn to value people's time over yours? Don't you have a passion project to plan for or execute?

Having a full calendar is sometimes a cushion to soften the not-so-brilliant life you want. If the things you need and fear the most are not prioritized, whose life are you really living?

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