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3 Must-Have Questions for Positioning Yourself for Purpose

Updated: Jan 2, 2023

I've mastered sleeping without lying down flat. Oh yes, I've been laughed at when others observed when I used to sleep with my upper body upright. I didn't need a bed sometimes. A couch sufficed. I even felt like I would have mastered standing up and sleeping had symptoms persisted.

Could you guess the name of the illness which I suffered from?

I had to reverse this ailment without medication, a network marketing health product, or a quick fix- band-aid treatment.

A friend had recognized that I was no longer belching like I was drinking soda every other minute. It's a way of life for me now. I've pretty much mastered the urge to drink when I get so thirsty while eating.

So what was the name of the condition?

Gastroesophageal reflux.

Acid reflux.

Acid reflux had me coughing and holding my chest, especially at night, so this would have certainly disrupted my sleep patterns.

Keeping the upper body upright prevents the stomach acid from leaking excessively, so I've mastered how to sleep on a couch or even a chair.

How I approached reversing acid reflux comes with lessons about realignment.

Let's dive into three questions we must answer when repositioning ourselves to embrace our multifaceted selves.

  1. What are some things which I know I can do to grow, but I ignore the calling so as not to offend people in my circle?

Apart from creating healthier boundaries and controlling my diet, I turned to yoga or to be more specific a wind-removing yoga pose for relief almost two decades after having access to free materials, a yoga studio, and trainers.

I had pretty much grown up around folks who would absolutely discourage anything related to yoga. Yet, I've always been a believer in the power of holistic, complementary, or alternative medicine.

From the comfort of my home, and with a stick-to-itiveness spirit, my healing journey blossomed starting with the 'pose'.

  1. Breathing rhythmically and deeply, I would lie flat on my back, relax and keep my legs straight.

  2. I lift my legs and bend them while inhaling slowly. The aim is to now bring my legs towards my chest until my thighs come in contact with my stomach.

  3. I would then hug my knees and lock my hands. (While singing, "I'm just holding for tonight...I am just holding on for dear life)

  4. Attempt to touch my knees with my nose. Remain in this position for 30 seconds. ( I enjoy the challenge.)

  5. Return to the original position while exhaling slowly.

Now, some people who would discourage you from being a better version of yourself would benefit from the pose which cures not only indigestion but also constipation. If you find yourself people-pleasing others who might seem to be full of crap, it, or you know what, it's a great time to realign yourself.

2. What are some things that I am already doing which I can be more intentional about?

In sticking with my story, aren't many of us already lying flat and cocking up our legs casually, medically, and pleasurably. Sometimes, the change that would easily add meaning to our lives is something that we are already familiar with, be it a passion, an idea, a hobby, a habit, or a complaint.

If you keep complaining or expressing concerns about a particular issue, you might just be the best person to aid in solving the problem. For example, I practice guided meditation with children and adults who have never done it before. Having served as a safe school policy consultant (2022), I spent a few minutes recommending the practice as students and staff cope with emotional abuse in the education system.

3. What are some biases which I grew up with that are holding me back?

If you are still reading, you are breathing, but are you intentional about breathing? When I demonstrate to students and adults that our stomach pushes out when inhaling deeply, they are in disbelief, and will most likely fail that segment on an exam paper, even when they themselves are demonstrating how they breathe to back their incorrect viewpoint. It's as if they want to rewrite biology.

When we are comfortable holding on to preconceived notions or traditional views that have never really served us any good, it affects our energy and our productivity.

I engaged learners in career coaching for over five years before I truly accept that being a specialist or one-directional is a biased perspective that was handed to me in the education system. It's okay to be a visionary and multidirectional, embracing my multi-passionate self and mastering skills in different areas of interest.

May you stand firm as you embrace the multi-passionate you

Where you exhaust your dream plans which come through.

Practising to position yourself it's not always an easy thing to do

So enjoy the steps for whichever endeavours you pursue.

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