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A learning and development practitioner for over a decade, Davia Diversia Ellis, is your "Diverse Queen". Her moniker "Diversia" not only represents how she shows up as a presenter who exposes herself to diverse people and environments, but also her appreciation for neurodiverse people or people who are wired differently.

Serving as Ms Jamaica United Nations 2023, she has demonstrated a great attitude towards community development, hosting and moderating health fairs or presenting on some psychological phenomenon which people can relate to, but might not have realized that it's a "thing".

For Diversia, Jamaica is therapy, and provides many opportunities for ecotherapy and free gifts in nature.

As a multipotentialite and creative, she is authoring books which guides people who are neurodiverse or are wired differently, but want to maintain multiple passions.

Whether she is writing, speaking, teaching, or singing, she reminds her audiences to be themselves, as she rhymes, take you to a few countries with her different accents, get dramatic with her facial expressions.

Quite an ambivert, when she is not energizing an audience, she is in a fairly undisturbed spot, writing, reflecting, and unwinding for the next experience.

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Davia Ellis

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