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Should I do this?

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

"This letter is to serve as a written confirmation that you have been “ACCEPTED '' to take part in the World Finals 2023 as Ms Jamaica United Nations 2023 (Davia Ellis ) which will take place November 2023 in Lima Peru.

Your eligibility and acceptance into next year’s World Finals was based on the information that was stated on your application and also the interview that took place. We would personally like to congratulate you on your acceptance and wish you the best of luck in next year’s competition."

When I was feeling stuck and unemployed for a few months after leaving university, too much volunteering and community service emphasized that I am someone with many interests and creative pursuits- a multipotentialite.

So, being selected as the official designate to represent my country as Ms Jamaica United Nations at the world finals seemed like a fitting place to connect my passions to a pageant that is charity and community based.

It's a privilege to say that "I am because we are."

"I am talented, because I learn from talented Jamaicans."

"I am creative, because I interact with creative Jamaicans."

There was a time when others showed me, suggested, or advised that I could be an educator, writer, singer, voice actor, or coach. I am all these things because of us, the supporters and of course, the naysayers alike. An important aspect in adulting and accepting to serve as Ms Jamaica United Nations is all about learning one of the greatest lessons in my 30 years on planet earth: I didn't need to ask anyone, "Should I do this?"

Let's peruse how we can learn to make decisions that matter to us. This is important especially if you know that you are wired differently or you want to do something that no one in your family or circles have ever done. When you have a business idea or even a project that is dear to your heart, but others around you are sometimes incapable of comprehending just where you are heading, you learn how to answer the question: Should I do this?

It's one thing to lament about how 'links' run the nation and the world, but how do we create or become a 'link'. What do we have to offer? Lets ask ourselves four key questions below to jump on an opportunity that we can create for ourselves.

1. What matters most to me in the end?

We are given many opportunities to prioritize what is important to us. We do not always need the coaching or advise from another person to determine what our talent or skills entail, but sometimes we are not appreciative of what we can bring to the table. It's one thing to fit in or into other people's perception of what should be fulfilling to us, that we lose track of who we are.

It makes sense to spend time with ourselves to do a SWOT analysis of our affairs. We slip up and make obvious mistakes too often, to not make worthwhile mistakes or take calculated risks.

Whether we need to start the project, the business, or the next trip, or make the next move, we must make focused efforts to do what matters most to us.

What will I be giving up in either case?

It's easy to hold on to lies which others fabricated, or stick with the norms of the environments which we have already traversed, but it many cases, doing what matters to you will have you giving up anything that wasn't contributing to the greater good of your existence.

It's like a trauma bond. You can become so attached to a caregiver or friend that although you know you should move on, you linger and put up with abuse mixed with moments of niceness, and generosity.

The abuser is obviously not choosing you, but all you need to do is choose yourself, and commit to learning how to look out for you when no else is available.

It's okay to give up on parts of yourself and others that had not served you any good.

Do I seek the approval of anyone besides myself?






Will I have what-ifs all the time?





Or maybe the questions should be:

What am I afraid of?

Do I fear failure or success?

How would saying yes or no FEEL?

No one else but you can answer these questions. Making decisions that resonates with a heart felt desire, or being able to trust your gut instincts is crucial. By the way, how you feel is not all about emotions; it's nice when they feelings make sense or coincide with realities. Feelings like impulses come and go, but also surface things that you don't even know you know.

Every situation brings a new opportunity every day

But for a million times, an experience of yours has gone a certain way.

It seems as if you can find every reason

As to why your goals don't matter this season

But things don't have to turn out the same

So what's your next move or game?

Could humility be used to gather gumption

As you avoid getting stuck on stifling assumption?

Why tell yourself you can't when you can without a doubt

See hidden possibilities that will see your seeds sprout.

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