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Love and Language

Updated: Apr 4, 2021

February is quite a special month for me as Safer Sex Week activities precedes Valentine's day. A student from my Health and Family Life education class wrote some lyrics on the "Dont Rush" rythmn and I just couldn't help but try it out too.

The first two words were easy: don't rush. I had to put some thought into the message that I wanted to bring across. I didn't want to dilute the theme for Safer Sex week in an effort to seem cool, but my tune needed to sound identical to the original.

After all, I was hooked to the tune which was all over Tik tok, and since I had not yet done the challenge, I took on my own challenge to spread a message about abstinence using English and Jamaican creole as can be seen below:

"Don't rush!"

Slow fi touch!

Sex can wait; I ain't no bait.

Brown boy boy, my books come fuss

Hello bye-bye!

Yes I lose trust

White rum, fizzy pop? Nope!

Where you deh go-go

We nah go up

Boy bye- bye

Don't pree me

Brain and book- a dat yuh fi look

Abstinence mek sense

No STD or pregnancy

Teenagers and adults alike may do well with reminders.

My goals to do something special for myself and other adults for Valentine's day seemed to have not been working out until I decided to write a poem which emphasizes lyrics and lines which some Jamaican men use on women: a very intriguing topic for me because I tend to unexpectedly and respectfully rate men's efforts especially if they are creative and courteous.

Nonetheless, I wrote two lines, then four lines, then eight lines and before you know it, I managed to even incorporate reminders about the love languages.

"Your like the National Anthemn

You make me stand at attention,"

Are words from some of a di man dem

Heading in a women's direction.

"Baby, mi love yuh like how mi love cook food;

Yuh nuh ready babes? Or I'll get you in the mood.

"I would add you to my porridge, di way how you sweet

Den turn the music up and rock to the beat."

If they catch you walking, " Yuh walk full a grace like mackerel"

And you might be lucky if dem nuh start quarrel.

"Baby, did it hurt...when you fell from heaven, did it hurt?"

But women are not always quite angels when they treat men like dirt.

Anyways, some men will say that they don't celebrate Valentine's day

Because the history of the day is related to a gay.

Others don't wait for special days to show they care

And another set spread their love "everywhere."

Whatever opportunity you have to be loving and kind

Even when you don't have a dime

Give with a willing heart

Even though people do depart.

But while you share time and space,

Deal with each other with grace

Spend quality time; you're a big deal

Laugh and talk around a home cooked meal.

Rose's are red and violets are blue

Just be genuine when you say, "I love you too."

According to Gary Chapman who categorized five ways in which we communicate love, apply the love languages to yourself first; you deserve it.

The first time I wrote an article about the love languages was in 2015, and I felt as if I wasn't even qualified to write on the topic given that I was single. Nonetheless, the love languages apply to all of us, whether we are single or married.

Figure out how it feels to spend quality time with yourself, give yourself gifts, serve your self, use words of affirmation or even physically touching yourself.

If you are already doing these things, then it is easier for you to be assertive with others who you expect to speak your language.

Be nice to yourself and others.

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