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Are you M.A.D? (Making a Difference?)

3 Ways to Make a Difference

Some may want to think that you are mad (a sensitive word) or impractical to want to be a difference maker, yet you may join or stay in the 25% of the population proven by some experts to be M.A.D (making a difference).

Making a difference does not mean that you have to save the world. It can start with saving yourself or being open to personal development and support.

Of course, even if you are struggling to "work on" self, you do make a difference by reaching out and helping others.

Many reminders which prompt people to make a difference do come in handy. I'd say Jamaica's national school song really sets the tone for anyone who wants to make a difference.

"I pledge my heart forever

To serve with humble pride

This shining homeland, ever

So long as earth abide

I pledge my heart, this island

As God and faith shall live

My work, my strength, my love, and

My loyalty to give.

O green isle of the Indies,

Jamaica, strong and free,

Our vows and loyal promises,

O heartland, ’tis to thee"

Yes, if you remember the song that they used to sing in church "give and it will come back to you", the words are true regardless of how one worries about how the organization spends the money. Mind you, you ought to understand your unique ways of giving.

Some may be singing the chorus "Give it with love. Store it about. Give it with a willing heart" and are able to donate unbelievable sums of money that you can barely read on paper. Others may offer quality time, acts of kindness, kind words or physical touch. If you are wondering how the love languages come into play in making a difference, it's because giving is equivalent to loving.

1.You are here

But how do you know if you are making a difference? You make a difference just by being here. There is a purpose for you being here. As you serve that purpose, you make a difference in your own life which reverberates into other people's lives and across humanity.

2. Be Yourself

I don't know about you, but nothing pleases me than dressing like only me, not being preoccupied with a trend, brand or style, just showing up as my authentic self through my dress.

There is no other me or you in this life or a life to come, so own your uniqueness and make your impact without comparing yourself to others. Live in complete expression of yourself. That is all there is to it. In every manner imaginable, be yourself.

Be ye not intimidated by social media statuses and shares, but appreciate monumental moments as a difference maker, even as you impact one person.

3. Note the people who make a difference in your life

Listing the persons who have impacted you is healthy, but it's not a prompt to be like them. You'll find that these people are not even successful, influential or famous, but you hold the most respect for them. They show up as themselves in your life.

Some religious people believe that they are a unique expression of a Higher being. They live in full expression of that Truth. For others it's biology, psychology or philosophy and such.

Religious or nonreligious, serving allows you to gift one another and the whole world. Give. Live.

I live as multiple times I would prefer to try

Instead of thinking to sit down and cry.

I live because when my world is almost ending

A refresh and renewal will be trending

I live because I have a story to be told

As sometimes, we eventually learn to be bold.

I live for all those persons who faced their last stormy weather

Not knowing that we could just live together

I live because I can dream

Of creating my own winning team

And as long as I live

I shall give and forgive

I may laugh or even cry.

But I choose live and before I die.

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